• Hello, UK! ALYS at Hyper Japan 2016!

    Hey everyone! We are very pleased to announce to you our first live show outside the French-speaking area! It is also the second date out of three of ALYS Summer Tour :3 ! ALYS becomes the European virtual singer n°1! Let’s say it right now: We will be at Hyper Japan Festival on July 16th

    Slide_AYLS-678x381 (1)
  • VOCALYS Episode 1 : ALYS music contest to start on May 1st 2016 !

    Hello everyone ! We definitely had to offer you some animation around this wonderful software that ALYS for Alter/Ego is! We have noticed that you were more and more numerous to use it, but that some of them sometimes felt a bit stressed when it comes to publishing them. So that you move to the

    Affiche concours vocalys2EN
  • Lupin released for Alter/Ego!

    After the pharaonic release of blue-braided virtual singer ALYS, time has come for LUPIN to join Alter/Ego’s world! And this is why we are happy to introduce you to our new product… Lupin for Alter/Ego!   The World is Meow ! This new product will enable you to use Lupin’s voice in all your creations!

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