• Hello, UK! ALYS at Hyper Japan 2016!

    Hey everyone! We are very pleased to announce to you our first live show outside the French-speaking area! It is also the second date out of three of ALYS Summer Tour :3 ! ALYS becomes the European virtual singer n°1! Let’s say it right now: We will be at Hyper Japan Festival on July 16th

    Slide_AYLS-678x381 (1)
  • VOCALYS Episode 1 : ALYS music contest to start on May 1st 2016 !

    Hello everyone ! We definitely had to offer you some animation around this wonderful software that ALYS for Alter/Ego is! We have noticed that you were more and more numerous to use it, but that some of them sometimes felt a bit stressed when it comes to publishing them. So that you move to the

    Affiche concours vocalys2EN
  • Lupin released for Alter/Ego!

    After the pharaonic release of blue-braided virtual singer ALYS, time has come for LUPIN to join Alter/Ego’s world! And this is why we are happy to introduce you to our new product… Lupin for Alter/Ego!   The World is Meow ! This new product will enable you to use Lupin’s voice in all your creations!

  • Happy 2nd Birthday ALYS ! ALYS for Alter/Ego is available!

    Happy 2nd birthday ALYS and happy birthday to the whole Alyst community obviously!, Now you know it, ALYS for Alter/Ego is now available right there!! Once you purchased the software, we will send you a little mail to ask your username and then you’ll receive everything you’ll need! This time does really matter to us, since

    ALYS A/E (Saphirya)
  • ALYS’ voice… now in preorder!

    Everything comes to an end, and so does your waiting! Two years ago, we were in the call for projects for ALYS design, and you already were hundreds writing to us, answering the call, to give a face to our virtual singer… And today you are thousands, waiting to finally be able to use her

    ALYS A/E (Saphirya)
  • ALYS pour Alter/Ego’s presales will start on February 10th 2016

    The title speaks for itself: On Frebruary 10th 2016 (one month before its release) ALYS pour Alter/Ego’s presales will begin on the shop! We can also reveal officially that, when released, ALYS will be a 100€ TTC in numerical format. Like during presales, she will be available on our shop ! We can’t wait to

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