Alys is the first Franco-Japanese virtual singer developed by the independent studio VoxWave.

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  Who is ALYS™?

ALYS™ is the first Franco-Japanese virtual singer. It has been developed by VoxWave. She is a 21 years old young lady with dark blue hair, 165cm tall and her weight is 54kg.

Her voice is optimized to sing in French as in Japanese. Her voice provider is Poucet.
Her name was chosen for her pleasant and sweet consonances, but also for its easy pronunciation in foreign languages, more particularly in French, in Japanese and in English. Of course, her name also reminds of a certain literary culture. However, the musical universe we intend to create around ALYS is much wider.


How can I make music with ALYS™ ?

By using ALYS for Alter/Ego! This software enables you to use our virtual singer on all your creations, by plugging it into your music software, or as a standalone!

You can find a demo version, along with explanations here (currently being translated).

You can buy ALYS™ for Alter/Ego voice library on our online shop. We will broadcast through our Youtube channel detailed tutorials so as to explain to new users how to use concerned softwares.

Interface of ALYS’ software : Alter/Ego


Since she has a design, she is a comic book or manga character, isn’t she?

No, ALYS™ is not linked with a fictional universe in particular: it will indeed be a virtual singer that you will be able to use in all your compositions. You can even already download her 3D model!

You’re able to use her image and voice without restriction for non-profit, and under conditions for profit use (please contact us for this purpose).


Why is ALYS™ bilingual in French and Japanese?

Our project is to show that French language is open to the world, which communicates with other languages and cultures. For that reason, we chose to develop two voicebanks for ALYS: a French voicebank, and a Japanese one. France and Japan are indeed two countries bound together by a long-standing friendship and intense cultural exchanges. If Japanese pop culture (through mangas and Japanese animation) are such a success in France, and reciprocally, if French culture is renowned in Japan, it lies indeed in mutual cultural affinities.

Moreover, Japanese and French languages are spoken at the international level, which made it possible to give birth to specific musical styles. Thus, we bet, with ALYS™, to participate in that dialogue between cultures, so as to make it possible for artists of all kinds to meet around those two languages.