VOCALYS 2 : the music contest is back!


Hello everyone!

Last year we launched the VOCALYS contest to help you fighting your shyness about publishing your works with ALYS. The contest was a huge success and you shared with the community some really nice works. Some of them have even been added to the show “Rêve de Machine” and will be added on ALYS next album!

Are you ready? The second edition is full of promises! Here what you’ll get :

This contest is held alongside with an art contest. If you’d rather draw, here you go!


As usual here is a simplified version of the contest rules. Please remember nonetheless you have to read the full version of the rules and this is only an help to understand them!

Rules – full version (FR) : http://www.voxwave.fr/vocalys-2-reglement/
Approved entries : http://voxwave.fr/vocalys-2-entries

Contest time :

From March 10th (00h01 GMT+1) to April 30th (23h59 GMT+1).

How to enter :

  • Publish your original entry on YouTube or  Soundcloud. ALYS should be the main singer and you need to add in the content title #VOCALYS2.
  • Send an email to contact@voxwave.fr with the following informations :

-Last Name :
-First name :
-Nickname (we will use this one for communication purpose) :
-Age :
-Authorization from legal tutor if you’re under majority* :
– The following mention : « I’ve read the rules of the call for project VOCALYS Episode 2 and I agree with them. I hereby authorize VoxWave to share my music composition on their social media for the purpose to promote this call for project. My creation is original. »
– Your entry in .mp3, .wav extensions or any link to it (Drive, Dropbox…).

*(You can use this authorization template for legal tutor authorization : « [FIRST AND LAST NAME OF THE LEGAL TUTOR] hereby authorize my child [First and last name of participant] to enter the call for projects of VOCALYS Episode 2 ».)

-One entry per person.

-An entry can be the result of a collaboration between several persons but only one winner will receive the prize (the participant agrees they have other contributors approval for it). Other collaborators will have to manage the prize distribution among their team internally to the team.

-No limit as regard the musical genre.

-No offensive entry, please be respectful.

Judging criterias

  • Composition length (~between 3 and 5 minutes)
  • Use of ALYS voice (relevant or not)
  • Vocal technic.
  • “ALYS Touch” (see full version of the rules)
  • Theme : « A new hit for ALYS! ».

Use ALYS as a singer with her paid version or her trial version. Publish your work on Youtube, Soundcloud*, etc… without forgetting to add the #VOCALYS2 hashtag!

Once more, our Quebec friends from Plogue Art et Technologie made us a great honor by joining the contest and they will take part to the jury! But there is more, since a sponsor joined the journey : Image-Line (FL Studio) !

VOCALYS is also an opportunity to experiment on the software and to discover new creative technics! We’re counting on your ingeniosity to try every tool on ALYS for Alter/Ego! Speaking of experiment, don’t forget our  FAQ about the software if you need and also the user guide!

*Please note platforms such as Youtube and Soundcloud are not sponsors or this contest in any way and we use those platforms only to host contents. Please respect the specific rules of each platform in addition to the rules of the contest.


  • 1st : The winner will have their song selected for an upcoming ALYS album and will win for this purpose a musician-composer contract with us! They will also win a software licence or their choice published by Plogue or VoxWave, along with a 100 euros discount on VoxWave’s ALYS merchandising! To this, another prize needs to be added and it’s a really nice gift from Image-Line : a « Signature bundle » licence of the FL Studio software worth 289€.
  • 2nd : The winner will receive a 50 euros discount on ALYS merchandising in VoxWave E-shop along with a  « Producer Edition » licence from FL Studio software by Image Line, worth 189€.
  • 3rd : The winner will receive a 25 euros discount on ALYS merchandising in VoxWave E-shop along with  a « Fruity Edition » licence from FL Studio software by Image Line, worth 89€.

Results will be announced during an online streaming on May 18th at 2:00PM (GMT+1). Further details will be given later.

This contest is open to everyone, but we might need some complementary informations for people under majority.

Good luck! And Keep SHL! <o>

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