Sous cette pluie available in digital version!


Hey everyone!


Today we have a big announcement to bring to you! We have decided to move VoxWave further!

A lot of you want more ALYS content! OK, we will do that!

We have also decided to start a big digital adventure! More ALYS content, available everywhere!

To celebrate that, we offer you the karaoke version of Sous cette pluie:

If you wish to find the single, it is now available among all big digital platforms: ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play… You can find it on your favourite platform, along with its instrumental version!

We hope you like it, and we will offer you many other things now!

So let’s meet :

-Tomorrow and on Sunday for Japan Party, with a broadcast of Rêve de Machine followed by a conference! And you will be able to meet Joffrey on our booth :)!

-Next week on Youtube for more news! This time we will talk about LEORA ;)!

-On April 14th for a new version of Horizons!

Keep SHL <o> !


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