Merchandising sold by VoxWave (ALYS, Crest…) is available on our E-shop but not only there! You have been able to discover recently the very first physical shop to sell ALYS merch! 😀

If you cannot or don’t want to order on the internet, and you cannot go to events such as conventions, there is a third option: shops in your city. This page gathers every certified resellers for ALYS goodies (and other products from our catalog)! 🙂

If you often go to a shop and it isn’t in this list, feel free to contact them for ALYS merchandising retail and/or send us an email with the shop informations:! 🙂

Switzerland :

Tanigami Genève
Rue Rousseau 14
1201 Genève

Canada :

1975, 41e Rue Nord,
St-Georges (Québec) CANADA