fanpolen Hello everyone! As you may know, your dedication in ALYS project means a lot to us. You’re numerous to share with us your concerns about the creation possibilities with ALYS, and if her image control would not result in the end to cause issues, maybe even discourage people to create with ALYS. Thus, along with new strategic orientations around ALYS and more generally VoxWave (you may discover them soon), we decided to start a new chapter to the story we write together, introducing a new system, clearer, easier to understand…and especially more suitable to promote creation with ALYS. This policy is aimed primarily at fans who create alone or in small groups. This policy doesn’t apply to companies, associations, or any other entity with a “moral person” type. Those still have to ask our agreement if they want to use ALYS visual, voice or name for commercial purpose. This policyis also aimed primarily at amateurs fans who sell during conventions, but also those who sell online.

  • From now, this public can :

– Sell small low value-added products (posters, straps, keychains, badges/buttons, etc…) – Sell handmade products (costume pieces, unique dolls, etc…) – Make fanzines, artworks, artbooks, eventually dôjins featuring ALYS – Make albums et CDs with less 25% songs including ALYS voice. For those who want to make a full album with ALYS, the best is to talk about your project to us and we’ll find a solution! 🙂 – Make punctual artworks commissions (only if it’s not a work base for something else that will be re-used somewhere else).

  • However, we ask you to respect those guidelines :

– No official ALYS logo on it. – No T-shirt, clothes or anything similar with ALYS pictures on it, and more generally no mass production items or which could be (Lupin plushes, ALYS figures). It doesn’t include handmade costume pieces (see above). – OK for online platform distribution like storenvy, etsy, etc… However if Walmart wants to distribute your products we’ll need to talk ! 😀 – No ALYS use for a crowdfunding campaign (Kickstarter-like). – Don’t forget to credit properly VoxWave and artist whom use the design (Ex : Saphrya for regular ALYS or Hiver version). – Don’t compete with existing products (ex : no Lupin plush), and no counterfeit (our catalog is here : – Please send us a digital copy of your product creation base such as a concept drawing, or a picture of the product itself ! – Please be respectful of VoxWave universe characters’ image. 🙂 – Please know a bit ALYS universe and what you reproduce : songs, albums, shows 🙂 Keep in touch with our last news and tell your clients about them! This may sounds a bit weird but we also ask you if you cosplay ALYS or other character from her universe, or if you sell products you made, or any other activity showing ALYS and other character of her universe, to behave in a positive, respectful and encouraging way with other people. As you know, we try to bring an optimistic and hopeful message with this universe we create. We think you’re receptive to this and if it feels good to you, imagine what it could feel to others! it’s for us an experimental programm so feel free to contact us at if you have any doubt. 🙂 Since it’s a first time for us, we choose to experiment this new policy until Japan Expo and Hyper Japan! After this, we’ll be glad to have a feedback from you on this policy to know if it is useful for you. On our side, we’ll decide then if we keep it or transform it! We hope you’ll be numerous to create around ALYS ! :3 Keep SHL <o> !