Welcome to the F.A.Q. for ALYS for Alter/Ego. We’ll bring here anwers to frequently asked question.ici nous apportons des réponses à vos questions fréquemment posées.

Will it work with my computer?

ALYS for Alter/Ego is available in both Windows and Mac version. It doesn’t need anything specific to run on your computer.


Can I make ALYS sing what I want?

Your creation freedom is absolute if the content (pictures/lyrics…) respect the fan policy. For example, abusive and discriminatory material are prohibited.

How can I make ALYS sing?

There are two ways to make her sing:

  • On a music software (DAW) working with plugins/VST (Cubase, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton…), you only need to open the Alter/Ego VST, write your lyrics, put some notes on the piano roll and the singing is automatic!


  • You can also use a MIDI keyboard to make ALYS sing live with Alter/Ego directly!


How can I put ALYS voice on a music instrumental?

It depends on the software/DAW you use to create your instrumental. Most of the time, you’ll only need to add ALYS as a virtual instrument on the composition, just like an additional track!


I’d like to make ALYS sing in another language beside French and Japanese. Is that possible?

You can totally do that. Simply, the voccal synthesis will be done from recordings in French and Japanese so the result may have a very strong French accent in its pronunciation.


How can I edit modifications to ALYS voice?

With the numerous parameters on Alter/Ego plugin, you can customize ALYS voice easily!


Can I make ALYS speak?

Not yet unless you’re really good at vocal programmation!

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