To reach our goals we decided to team up with various partners and sponsors which help us at their level with their experise and support.



VNN is a multilingual informations site about virtual singers. They’re the biggest international group of their kind.

Find VNN news there : !



Tipeee is a crowdfunding platform based on tips philosophy. On this site, creators let their fans tip (giving money in exchange of counterparts suggested) for what they already create!

Find ALYS tipeee there: !



Crunchyroll is an international streaming platform for anime, manga, drama, music and also asian medias.



Le Dernier Incubateur avant la Fin du Monde

Based in Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde, in Paris, Le Dernier Incubateur is a business incubator aiming to support projects created by people from imaginary cultures field. They regularly organize workshops to help project managers while supporting them. is the main French website about VOCALOID since 2007.


InnovENS is a student association from the ENS school (Ecole normale supérieure) and do consulting for young entrepreneur Normaliens (ENS students). It is connected to the huge network of PSL (Paris Sciences et Lettres), one of the main Paris campus which gathers many schools and universities.


logo_ensLe service Carrières de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure

This service from Ecole normale supérieure aims to help Normaliens during their carrier, during and after their studies. This is also a structure that enhances solidarity by using the network of Normaliens working in public administration and private companies.


materiel pour mangaka


Manga Ink

Manga Ink is a 3-in-1 concept selling specific tools for mangakas imported from Japan, advices and support articles for artists. They also do spotlights and give many opportunities to artists through creative contests. Find an explanation about Manga Ink here (French).


Association making animations with virtual singers and japanese culture. They helped VoxWave for STALYSKY concerts as a technical support for the projection system.



French company created in 1858 in les Vosges, Clairefontaine is today one of the biggest French brand specialized in stationery. They’re well-known for their know-how and products of great quality.

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