Who is ALYS™?

ALYS™ is the first French-Japanese virtual singer. She has been developed by VoxWave. She is a 21 years old young lady with dark blue hair, 165cm tall and her weight is 54kg.

She can sing in both French and Japanese thanks to her integration in the voice synthesis software Alter/Ego. But ALYS’ universe goes beyond music only. She has been thought to break boundaries between various artistic sectors and media. You’ll be able to make what you want of her, in the sector you want.


Does ALYS perform on stage like actual artists?

Absolutely! She already performed more than a dozen concerts under an holographic shape with genuine musicians such as Lightning.

Concert Senyu 2016

Concert Senyu 2016

  Paris, Epinal, Bordeaux, Toulon… ALYS moves everywhere in France and even further since she already performed in Belgium and in Tunisia (which makes her the very first virtual singer to perform in Africa)! Speaking of amazing performance, on december, 17th 2016 at Le Trianon (Paris) ALYS has performed the show of the year named Rêve de Machine (Machine’s Dream)! For this very new show, we liked to think big with a more sophisticated hologram projection system and four musicians on stage! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd9xaxV3IYhobasRTIRnc8MzbUBRfzDSG

The fanbase

ALYS has a huge fanbase around her (currently more than 14 000 people). They can be artists/content creators or simply enthusiast. Join them and share contents with them, ask for an opinion, you’ll always find an open door with Alyst people! Our watchwords are support and kindness !  

How can I compose with ALYS?

With ALYS for Alter/Ego ! This software/plugin will allo you to use our virtual singer in any composition just by plug it in your music software (DAW) or in stand-alone.

You can find a free trial of the software and how-to use explanations here.

ALYS™ vocal library is available for sale on our online shop.

ALYS’ software interface : Alter/Ego

  Feel free to watch various videos uploaded on YouTube to have a better idea of ALYS for Alter/Ego use.

Why does ALYS™ is bilingual in French and Japanese?

French language is currently one of the most widely spoken language and takes part to the construction of highly sophisticated cultures. Japanese language is also a very widely spoken language and led to incredible litterary and music treasures.

A fortiori, France and Japan have a mutual relationship for a long time now thanks to a mutual friendship and intense cultural exchanges. It explains why japanese pop-culture (notably ith manga books and animation) meets such a success in France, and vice-versa why French culture is so famous in Japan.

This is why we would like to bring more freedom to content creators with ALYS™, using the tool of singing voice synthesis. Hence they will be able to express themselves through music in those two languages. Our bet is to take part to the dialog between those two cultures, by allowing creative people from all types of backgrounds to meet.


Some contents

If you woudl like to discover some musical contents made with ALYS, here is a playlist mixing original compositions and covers made by the community around the blue-braided singer. Enjoy!