Discover the voice provider of ALYS


You wondered what the name of the Franco-Japanese VOCALOID name would be? After studying all proposals and suggestions, we have chosen…


 Thank you again everyone for your submissions and your ever-growing support, both of them being very precious to us !

However, we also have another announcement to make: the type of voice that the VOCALOID will have, including an a cappella sample from her voice provider !

Here is the sample !

That a cappella was indeed made so as to prove that the voice provider is able to sing in French (she is French indeed), but also in Japanese. We will moreover focus the recording and the development around an adult voice, though the higher notes you can hear in the a cappella.

That sample is only here to give you an idea… so as to make it easier for you to have an idea of design if ever there was a design competition?

To be continued…


All informations about ALYS will be gathered on this page.



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