ALYS design revealed ! + runners up


Hello everyone !

First and foremost, thank you for reading what will come! It’s a bit long, but we have tried to do our best to explain why we have chosen that design, all the more so as our project is currently at a landmark.

Thank you !



We are aware of the fact that we had to make only one choice among more than 430 designs, and that thus controversies will inevitably raise. A lot of people will probably be disappointed, since a great number of designs were of excellent quality.

We are aware, as fans, of all those difficulties. Believe us, we really do our best so that, day after day, the project gets more and more important and reaches a positive conclusion. By forwarding our news, by speaking about our project around you, via word-of-mouth, you help us to continue on our road, and we are infinitely grateful for this.

That is why it is a pleasure for us to thank the four runner-up who particularly kept our attention. You may indeed congratulate (by alphabetical order) :





Feel free to check their galleries so as to appreciate their entries, they really deserve it!

Now, let’s move on the revelation you are all waiting for, that is to say… the revelation of ALYS design, the French-Japanese virtual singer! The winner of the call for projects is…

 Saphirya !

All our congratulations to her!

And here is her creation, which will be, from now on, the official representation of ALYS :




Let’s now explain the reasons why we chose that design, by using the criterion we indicated in the rules of our call for projects.

Novelty: Saphirya’s design instantly charmed us, on an overall impression, as on the more little details. It fits perfectly what virtual singers are (beings between synthetic voices and virtual singers), with a futurist and dynamic attitude, but staying human nevertheless.

The coherence of the design with the virtual singer voice provider’s voice : ALYS’ voice will be a young voice, yet powerful and adult. That design suits that orientation, adding futuristic and soft cybernetic elements (like her central diamond-shaped pin with A-L-Y-S written at its edges). It remains dynamic, yet with a softer attitude.

The creative possibilities offered by the design : That design is not excessively « French », even if her necktie, and the elegance of the design, may recall it.

Our goal, with ALYS, is indeed not to produce a “French” virtual singer, but a French-speaking virtual-singer. French language is a language whose more numerous speakers are not located in France (Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, but also numerous countries of Africa… And let’s not forget the numerous French-speaking people who are learning French!), and we would regret to exclude them from the numerous creative possibilities offered by ALYS if the design was to be too cliché.

On the contrary, that design is ideal so that ALYS is a mascot easily convertible, and which would be reappropriated by illustrators, cosplayers, pv makers… in a word, artists of all kinds ! Some already did by the way, only through her silhouette!

Quality : The quality of the design is here evident, to us. The geometrical forms contribute to the regularity of the clothing, which is also feminine, young, and adult.

Moreover, the kind of drawings, related with mangas, seemed justified to us, on the one hand because the dominant culture in this domain is Japanese culture, on the other hand because ALYS has been thought as a bridge between French and Japanese culture.

Immediate identification: The long deep blue braid, on which a shiny blue pearl has been added on our request, makes the design more easily identifiable.

We particularly appreciated how the colours were chosen, and the general futuristic mood it raises, which seems appropriate and necessary for a virtual singer.



VoxWave is a studio founded by fans, and we do not have as much support, including financially speaking, than the other studio already here on the market.

We are now at a milestone for our project, and we need now more than ever your support and your motivation! This project aims at bringing a French-speaking virtual singer to the community, and we will not manage to do so without you!

We will indeed need you to help us having ALYS known, so as our crowdfunding campaign (for which we cannot announce a date at the moment) reaches success ! Feel free to send your creations to us, so that we share them, or to speak about it around you!

On our side, we are doing our best so as to inform you of the future evolutions of the project, as we do since the very beginning! :3

A single little word around you about the project can greatly help us in the future!


Thank you, once again, to all of you, for your entries, and your support. You cannot imagine how precious it is to us!


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