Discover ALYS’ prototype !


As we said, we worked hard on ALYS prototype this summer! And that’s why we are happy to introduce to you ALYS’ voice, through this collaboration with the talented Shindehai (Starrysky, VoxMakers), Cyrix (VoxMakers), JungyoungRinD, Miky-Rei and Yoistyle. We hope you will like it as much as we enjoyed making this pv !

You can find all the news related to Dans mon monde, ALYS’ first song, by clicking on the following link. As always, feel free to send us your various remarks, fanarts, and covers !

>>Press release “Dans mon Monde” (EN) <<

ALYS’ prototype is not based on CeVIO engine but on an older one, which does not reflect the quality of ALYS’ final voice. Nevertheless, it is powerful enough to make us to start collaborations, like this one with VoxMakers. It is also a very significant step for our project, since we are now starting a fundraising so as to transfer ALYS on her final engine. Every support matters !


We also hope to have the pleasure to meet you during the incoming events! Stay tuned !


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