Event : Yomatsuri #1 (night) in Paris October 25, 2015!


Hello everyone!

Events in September proved amazingly positive ! It is indeed very heart-warming to meet you and to receive your greetings, which is why we decided to attend more and more events in the months to come! We are also very pleased to see how much ALYS 3D model pleased you… Feel free to share your creations with us!

Therefore, today we are very happy to reveal our presence to Yomatsuri #1, an event organized by Epitanime !

Yomatsuri will be held from 8 p.m to 6 a.m (we cannot guaranty we’ll stay that late, unfortunately) ! You will be able to attend various broadcasts and events such as karaoke.

As regards VoxWave, we’ll have our own both. We propose to you two new goodies which can be added to the previous lists ! They can either be bought separately or within a back, earning you a discount.

Sans titre1

ALYS Mug !

Designed by Elnawen, those first prints will only be available in very limited quantities: 20 pieces !

Price: 20 euros.


Badges (set of 3) !

Adopt those cuties designed by Charln with love !

Price : 6 euros.

Sample Charm ALYS

Strap !

Here it is! Here is another cutie which you can take away with you everywhere !

Designed by Noriko Hayashi.

Price : 5 euros.

Sample Poster ALYS

A2 poster!

You can use it to decorate your various spaces !

Special thanks to Saphirya for ALYS design, and Elnawen for making the poster.

Price : 10 euros.

Packs will be designed so as to ensure the following discounts

2 objects = -5%

3 objects = -10%

4 objects = -15%

Strap + poster pack will  stay the same price, 12 euros and will not be increased with this new system.

Feel free to come and say hi, we’ll be very happy to welcome you !


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