The Manga Ink & VoxWave Week


Hello everyone !

Days to come will be rich in surprise for you, and we are pleased to announce you our new partnership with Manga Ink.

Manga Ink is an online shop specialized in furnitures for mangaka, which proposes a lot of high-quality products.
But that it’s not only that! Kuru, Manga Ink’s founder, also proposes to accompany young mangakas, so as to help them to better their style and find their ownway.

We have been very oved by this wonderful project, which meets a lot of our own desires.
That’s why we are very happy to announce you a themed-week ALYS! During the whole week, Manga Ink will propose tutorials and artistic creations around the blue-braided singer! And we will propose you a few revelations on our side…

The whole program is available underneath! Let’s begin right now with Monday Challenges!

In order to participate, nothing more simple: you just have to post ALYS fanart in public or on our page, without forgetting to use #mangaink and #vocalys hashtags!

Your participations will be forwarded during the whole week on Manga Ink and ALYS pages, in a special album.

Semaine MANGA INK english

We hope to meet you numerous to comment and share our publications this week! Don’t forget to follow #mangaink and #vocalys hashtags!


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