Manga Ink introduction by Kuru


If you like to draw, to create and that you like manga culture, you may have heard about Manga Ink, online shop specialized in manga drawing furnitures. But do you really know what Manga Ink can do for you?

Why Manga Ink ?

Since 2010, a young artist is working relentlessly in order to bring a new concept on the web: support for French-speaking manga artists.

With the punctual help of volunteer, Kuru works hardly so as to answer needs that were once hers. To read more (French only)… 

I want to become a mangaka, yes but how?

Manga Ink is a 3-in-1 concept which proposes to mangakas specific Japan-imported furnitures, advices and support articles, but also promotion and other opportunities through creative contests.

materiel pour mangaka


Online since October 2011, proposes specific articles for manga drawing along with art, fine arts, stationery and arts and crafts furnitures. Customers benefits a perfect service and express it openly: fast shipping, secured transactions, efficient customer service, etc… Manga Ink has only received positive evaluations since its beginning.

Thus, you can have all furnitures you may need all along your road to become a mangaka.

conseils pour mangaka


The advice and coaching part of Manga Ink is named Mangakoaching. This words is a portmanteau between “mangaka” and “coaching”.

This concept is here to provide you motivation and support, as a sport coach would.

You are the athlete, you need support, exercises and tracks to explore. That’s what Kuru provides to you with articles, as a self-service buffet: exercises, Monday challenges so as to be able to work in a continuum, challenges, general advices you would not have thought of. To read more… 


Growing Manga Ink visibility on social networks and particularly Facebook makes it possible to promote artists regularly.

Moreover, relations with prestigious partners make it possible to organize contests more and more interesting for you.

Networks make it possible to propose tools such as Pinterest or Tumblr where you can find inspirations and a selection of tutorials and content to help you.

 How can I be successful with Manga Ink?

« I want to become a mangaka ! »

réussir avec mi

OK, so what is what Manga Ink can propose to you:

  1. Begin by getting advices by reading advices and tips
  2. Train yourself to better your skills
  3. Get progressively what you’ll need
  4. Try! If it works, you are promoted and do not need help anymore. If not, try again, your turn has not come yet.

Now that you know all what Manga Ink can do for you, it is your turn to try. Do your best and train yourself because there will be a very large contest in 2015 with VoxWave and another great partner…


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