E-shop is here!


Hello everyone !

alysnight_by_saphirya-d842qbf-723x1024“Clair de Lune” digigraphy, a 100-issues unique art print, goes with the release of VoxWave e-shop.  

Since September, you have been numerous to request when our e-shop would be released, for all those who are not able to come and meet us in conventions. We worked hard, fought with Prestashop relentlessly, wrote pages and pages of products data… To finally grant your wish! VoxWave e-shop is now online and works perfectly!

So as to order on e-shop, it’s easy, you just have to :

1) Create your account and register your details.
2) Fill in your order form.
3) Confirm your order.
4) Select how to pay (Paypal wire transfer) and to pay.
5) Confirm your payment and order.

And there it goes! ALYS has never been as close to you!

Discover Naissance (Birth) and Douceur (Softness), two tees chosen by fans for the release of our e-shop (available soon!)

For now, TBK is working alone on preparing your orders, so it may take a bit of time (especially at the beginning). Nevertheless, we will do our best to send them to you fastly once your payment is received!

We hope you will love the products designed with love by our  artists!



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