ALYS live @ Senyu 2015 convention !



Like us, you may be waiting for Pr☆messe, ALYS next song, to which you have been numerous to take part in. Be patient! It will come soon… (et mets bien le titre pour promesse)

This year has been full of adventures for ALYS : design, first songs, first products… And for us, an adventure, which you are more and more to follow. So as to give a teaser of the year to come to you, we are proud to announce to you our first concert, a live show at Senyu, in Epinal, dated February 28th and March 1st, 2015!

ALYS will be on stage with Starrysky for an hour of show! We are working on finding more dates for this show, so as to bring ALYS closer to you!

And of course, you will be able to meet us on our activity booth on which you’ll also find ALYS products

We hope to meet you at these concerts, all the more so as, as you know, ALYS only lives thanks to you!


Senyu :
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