It’s Christmas with Pr☆messe !


« Your promises shine like stars to brighten up my way ».

Y a un chat !

The young blue-braided singer moves on from success to success! ALYS now has more than 300 000 views on Youtube, her own e-shop with her own products, and a new suit for winter!
But ALYS is also a talented and creative fan community which helps to make her more alive every day.

With Pr☆messe, VoxWave wanted to enable those artists to express themselves. More than 80 drawings have been made for this occasion, some of them being real pieces of art ! Nine singers from the Youtube singers (Youtaite) community have also given their voice for this song.
Pr☆messe, it’s also a powerful team ! Shindehai here offers a very bright and soft music, with its own personality. It is perfectly echoed by the voice programming by Drak-pa, thanks to which ALYS’ voice is always better and clear, and by Lachesis’ lyrics, which fits those holidays’ spirit.
This harmony gave birth to a true Christmas song, as well as thanks adressed to all those who have joined and are now joining ALYS through her adventure, giving her all their love

Pr☆messe also joins the list of existing ALYS’ songs, and will be featured during Senyu, at Epinal, on February 28th and March 1st, 2015, during a live show on which she will be accompanied by Starrysky band. 2015 should be full of surprises for ALYS !

– Singer : ALYS.
– Voice manipulation : Drak-pa.
– Chorus : AlphaElis, Aya, Hakanai, Megumi, Mika, My-ëVe, Shindehai, TBK, Yoshulen.
– Music and PV : Shindehai.
– Lyrics : Lachesis.
– Main picture : Elnawen.

Full press release here.


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