ALYS Xtra Lite, now available on Tipeee!


Hello everyone !

Subscribers to the newsletter could discover last week one of the first images of Hajime Ni, ALYS new song made by heart★breaker and illustrated by Tatsuki. We also recall you that from now onwards, you will receive every week a newsletter about our progress, but also about all wonderful fan creations around ALYS!

But today we want to announce you something else: the release of ALYS Tipeee, which you may find here !


You can switch language to English on the bottom right.

Tipeee is about tipping: everyone can propose a small amount of money (a tip), which is granted to us everyone we publish a PV featuring ALYS. Thus, we can continue to propose for free our PVs ; offer exclusive rewards to our fans, as well as paying artists and collaborators who make it possible for us to progress with ALYS.

Among those rewards, we offer you ALYS Xtra Lite, a SoundFont virtual instrument developed by our beloved Drak-pa! This instrument will make it possible for you to use ALYS voice in all your creations, mainly for choruses !

Beware though, this is not ALYS software, but a different instrument, with limited features, developed by Drak-pa which we choose to offer you! 

And this is only the beginning… We still have hundred of good news to reveal!

Come and meet us at Yomatsuri (Kremlin-Bicêtre) on February 14th, at Japan Tours Festival (Tours) on February 20th, 21th and 22th, or at Senyu (Epinal), February 28th, March 1st, or subscribe to our newsletter, to know more!


ALYS already exists, but she keeps improving day after day!


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