ALYS is 1 year old ~ suprises !


It seems unbelieveable: little ALYS has been existing for a year now! We chose her date of birth according to the day of the revelation of her design. In October 2012 Drak-pa launched the project, which did not look at all like what we have now. We are working together since early 2013 to get this fascinating project moving forward!

Path has not always been simple. We have discovered the realities of such initiative: creating a company, supervising stocks, funds, and a lot of unfunny things which you can imagine. :3. But all of this made it possible for us to overcome a lot of limits, which led us to do our best, as we could. We are very happy of what ALYS has become today, and we are more than happy to have such an amazing community around her.




Saphirya did a really nice drawing to celebrate.


In order to celebrate this day, we have several good news to announce to you:

– Surprise n°1 :

materiel pour mangaka

An ALYS drawing contest in partnership with Manga Ink et Clairefontaine (yes, yes, French quality notebooks!) will be launched at the end of the month! We cannot tell you more about it for now, but prepare your pen, pencils and graphic tablets, it will be awesome!


Surprise n°2 :

Tatsuki has finally finished making illustrations for Hajime Ni! There are more than 300 of them, can you imagine it? We are very impressed! Jess is now working on the animation, and you will probably be able see the final version at the end of March!


– Surprise n°3 :

A new strap is revealed on this occasion… Here comes Lupin! Saphirya did the drawing this time. 🙂

Strap Lupin recto verso texte

You may pre-order him THERE during the whole week in order to get him (we will make only a few of them for this first time!).


– Surprise n°4 : 

ALYS has been accepted to participate in Moovjee Prize ! And she needs you all to win! This could bring some sponsorship to the project and a financial support which would allow us more flexibility ! You just have to click on the following link to support us:, and click there:

You can find more details here, (article will come soon, along with a bonus video by Aoko).

Some more surprises will arrive this month! 🙂


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On this symbolic day, you can send us all your creations to celebrate the event, and they will be gathered together on the Facebook page.


Thanks to you everyone, and may this new year bring more and more good news! :3



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