Moovjee Prize – A click to show Alysts power !



Hello everyone !

Last november, we asked you to support us for Digital Challenge in Seine-et-Marne. Unfortunately, in order to vote you had to move to this place, and it was too difficult for most of you.

This time ALYS has been selected for Moovjee prize! No need to move, you just have to click on this address to vote and support her:

Here is where you need to click:


You have two options (if you want to watch a video). You can watch ALYS cutie video made by Aoko and Drak-pa:

Or watch Joffrey’s neutral video, which he ABSOLUTELY wanted to make. And you will understand why he is not in charge of images and products.

*devil laugh* Let’s remember Aoko is in junior high and did it on her spare time, while Joffrey graduated from Ecole normale supérieure. You decide who won!

Don’t forget to use #TeamDrakpa and #TeamJoffrey, along with #PMIE2015 !


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