Discover Hajime Ni, first ALYS Japanese PV !


We promised it during months, the first Japanese PV of ALYS is here, and it is called Hajime Ni!

Hajime Ni oublié, Hajime Ni retardé, Hajime Ni martyrisé, mais Hajime Ni publié ! Publié par son peuple (merci à tous nos Tipeurs !), avec le secours des forces américaines (bravo heart★breaker et Jess) !

Let’s not make you wait more, we free you now, the PV is just behind:

Bravo to heart★breaker (music making), Tatsuki (illustrations and chara-design), and Jess (PV making), and all our tipeurs which made this PV possible!

This PV is a great premiere: first international collaboration of ALYS, first Japanese PV, but also first animation PV. We spent a lot of time making it, and we hope you will love it… All the more so as it brings to ALYS universe a new character, Yûzâ, who embodies all artists who create with our young blue-braided singer..
This was not simple to produce such a PV, far from it… But we are really proud of the result !

This song will be featured in a rock cover in next STALYSKY dates!

And if you loved this PV, you can join ALYS Tipeee community starting of today! We will soon reveal a lot of surprises as regards the future of our young singer…


  • Press release is available HERE (with a lot of informations!)



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