VoxWave enters business incubator 104factory !


Hello everyone!

We talked about it a bit in the last What’s up ALYS (our weekly newsletter to which you can subscribe below), but here it is, we enter 104factory, CENTQUATRE business incubator in Paris!

What does it change?

First, we now have our own ROOM! Our team, which has considerably enriched from various talent, has worked quite well thanks to teleworking, but of course there are limits…

What it changes is that we have a place to meet and collaborate in. It will make it possible for us to be more efficient, and to give a reality to all ideas we have more easily, for little ALYS as well as for the future.

That also means some coaching!! You made it possible to make a great step forward thanks to the Public Prize Moovjee. But here, coaching will feature some training, during which wewill be able to meet experts from innovation area (lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc…). Enough to reinforce the whole team’s skills!

Moreover the CENT QUATRE is a cultural center which features a lot of spaces to meet the public, and experiment there. That implies we will be able to organize meetings to speak about the project, introduce our progress, on the technical field as well as on the artistic field (both of them being equally significant!). We hope to be able to tell you more about that rapidly!

We will also benefit from networking with French ecosystem in digital field. That means custom networking with possible clients and partners (artistic and technical)!

Finally, we will also be able to attend the great annual meetings related with creation and new technologies!

In short, as our agenda keeps filling itself (we announce a new concert date this Monday, very soon!), this is an excellent news for VoxWave life as a company… and of course for little ALYS!

More news about 104factory : www.104factory.fr

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/104factory.fr

Twitter : https://twitter.com/104factory


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