Results of “ALYS is 1 year old!” contest


Hello Everyone!

We are finally back from Japan Expo (we will very soon publish our report) where everything went wonderfully well. 🙂

The awards of the contest took place just before the Saturday morning concert of stALYSsky, and you can watch it over right now thanks to Wakanim’s livestream!
We received numerous entries, 246 entries to be precise, and they were wonderful, making the choice for the podium extremely hard.

In order to select the winners, we (the tripartite jury Clairefontaine, Manga Ink and VoxWave) have therefore applied four criteria: mastering the chosen technique (traditional or digital), the care, the control of the drawing (anatomy, etc…), and the compliance of the theme (ALYS), where we could recognize her. Were taken in account too the adaptation to the support (since the winner’s entry is to be printed on a A5 drawing block) in order to make a choice for the top 10 laureates. (More details are available en the video of the awards, in French only)

Hence, here are the laureates:

– The runner-ups in third and second position:


Zilo – 3rd place



Myst-A – 2nd place

They both won a €500 prize, composed by cardboards and drawing papers by Clairefontaine, one Manga Ink Basics kit + Frames as well as one Iron ALYS and Douceur T-shirts!

And finally, the winner whom entry will be printed on A5 limited edition sketchpads by Clairefontaine with honors:


Eternal-S – 1st place

On top of that, she also won the €500 supplies in Clairefontaine cardboard and paper and theManga Ink Deluxe kit and one Iron ALYS, Douceur, and Naissance T-shirt!

Congratulation to the winners, and a huge thank you to all the participants! You are each day growing more numerous following ALYS, and this is thanks to you that she can continue to grow, carrying the banner of your creations!

Stay tuned with the next news for our report of Japan Expo!


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