Revolutioning VoxWave artists promotion with YWAA !


School is soon starting again, and news are closer and closer: release of Eveil, explanations on prototype development, release of SHARDS PV… And now, YWAA!

As you know, at VoxWave, promoting artist is our top priority. They make ALYS universe alive and vivid, as well as technologies which power her.

At VoxWave, we believe that each artist can develop and enjoy their own style, that every artist has the right to a benevolent public and to get their art respected, and that each artist deserve a fair remuneration for their work. 

YWAA is our new artist promotion program aimed at answering those needs. Literally, “Your Weekly ALYS Art”! We will propose, every Friday at 7 p.m, to meet on our Shop and on social networks works made by an artist around ALYS, available for a very limited length of time (24 hours!).


YWAA English

With some little French words inside… Excuse our English!


Those works will be very diverse: posters, artworks, objects… The idea is to make a panorama of infinite creative possibilities opened by young blue-braided virtual singer, thus paying artist for the incredible work they make!

Each product will be numbered and/or customized according to purchase order! 
For this, you just have to follow us on social networks (Facebook, Twitter), or via our newsletter (What’s up ALYS or E-shop).

Big news, you are absolutely FREE to choose your payment method!

You can thus order through:

E-Shop, thus enjoying a 15% discount on the whole Shop (Free shipping on your order)
-BUT ALSO through social networks! Just comment and give us your e-mail address underneath an YWAA post to purchase it!

In this last case, our team will send you an invoice in 24 hours, giving you free choice of payment (Paypal, paycheck, wire transfer*).

After receiving your payment, your product will be shipped for free, within 30 days!

So, understood? You want to support YWAA program? Then see you next week!

And so as to tease you… Saphirya may be the first artist featured in it ;-)!


*Please make sure wire transfer and paycheck are available for France


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