Release of SHARDS : ALYS new PV


You have been waiting for it for months and here it is: time for you to finally see SHARDS’ video!

Original ALYS’ song composed by Creep-P, SHARDS has been programmed by Phuntsok Drak-pa, was illustrated by Riko and animated by Jess and Saint (ル季). Last but not least, for the first time Caroline, our Artistic Director (?), directed that uncommon project of ours. But let’s take a moment and watch the video, shall we?

Warning as regard the PV: the video contains a lot of flashing lights (epilepsy triggers). Theme of the song may also distress sensitive persons. Please be careful.

As some of you already stated, the subject of SHARDS is rather dark. We had already touched sensitive subjects with Avenir, wich had a strongly engaged subtext. But here, SHARDS’ themes are even more powefull and violents. Still, it is always interesting (even if unsettling) for us to discover new ways to deal with the ALYS Project.

Creep-P adopting ALYS and giving us his trust made us more than happy! Thanks to his hard work and everybody that helped with SHARDS, ALYS’ palette is brighter than ever.

We in VoxWave stated a long time ago that we would give everybody the chance to make ALYS the avatar of their feelings, good and bad. In the end, the human beeing is still a complex thing.

And together we will make the most beautiful painting ever done.



ALYS’ fifth video (by the way, it is the second one produced through crowdfunding, thanks to you) is beautifuly unique. But every production is unique in its own way!

We sometimes can’t believe that despite every obstacles on our way you are still here. Even better, your number keeps growing as well as your solidarity!

We can already tell you that our next video is on its way. Some of the artists you know, some of them you don’t… Stay tuned, news will come soon enough!

In the mean time… Would you like some more SHARDS?


Find SHARDS and more songs in Éveil, released september 11th 2015!


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