ALYS for Alter/Ego to be released March 10th 2016!



Today Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc, chaired by David Viens and VoxWave, chaired by Joffrey Collignon are happy to announce their partnership. This collaboration concerns the development and release of ALYS for Alter/Ego.

Alter/Ego is a singing voice synthesizer (availaible here) developed by Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc. and uses a unique synthesis method called “Formant Singer”. It can be used as a live instrument as well as a tool to create and record songs. And because it supports the VST, AU and AAX formats, it is compatible with all major Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and sequencers.

ALYS is the first French and Japanese virtual singer. As a collaborative, artistic and innovative project, ALYS gathers around her tens of thousands of fans. Those fans are creative people and committed to her success. With a new live and holographic show planned for 2016 and already an album published (Éveil), VoxWave tackles with the new problematics that have arisen in digital and artistic fields.

Wishing to promote the young artistic talents all around the globe, VoxWave created with ALYS a virtual muse which everybody can use for their own creations. By making her available next March, VoxWave’s will is to confirm this wish. From now on, ALYS’ universe will be enriched by the influence and creativity of a growing community.

VoxWaveLogo_V2_sized-1024x220In this context, both companies thought useful and profitable to unite their efforts in a partnership to develop and distribute ALYS for Alter/Ego. A voice library that will install and integrate into the Alter/Ego software developed by Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc. Made of two voice libraries, a French one and a Japanese one, ALYS for Alter/Ego will be released on March 10th 2016 for ALYS’ second anniversary.

We already knew ALYS, her personality and her style. We are happy to contribute to her materialization in the context of a creative musical studio.
Even if Plogue Art et Technologie usually deals with users all around the world in the Shakespearean language, we are first and foremost a group of French-speaking creators.
Reworking our algorithms for our native French language for singing required us to change the way we approached phonetics and grammar. It was a considerable technical challenge but we are very happy with the results
explains David Viens, CEO of Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc.

We are very happy with this partnership with our Quebecer friends from Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc. This partnership is for us the accomplishment of more than three years of hardship to associate our cultural production to a real technology.
Ever since we started working on VoxWave, and more specifically ALYS, we have always been lacking a strong technology that could make her voice available. A technology that could give everybody, even the neophytes, the possibility to use her. It is now possible thanks to this partnership.
Moreover, the French-speaking communities are really important to us, so it is extraordinary for us to be in a partnership with our Quebecer cousins.
declares Joffrey Collignon, VoxWave’s CEO.


The release of ALYS for Alter/Ego opens numerous doors for VoxWave.

First of all, it is of course the possibility to add new technologic skills to their résumé and to give the opportunity to all musicians to finally include ALYS to their productions.
Secondly, it is also the possibility to have a real live instrument for ALYS. Her voice can now be manipulated in real time and not only via recordings. ALYS’ future shows could implement this feature, making her the first virtual singer capable of singing live.
Finally, Alter/Ego is an evolutive tool that could integrate new singing voice synthesizers.

Our partnership with Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc, doesn’t nullify other negotiations that we could have. Alter/Ego is an evolutive software that could possibly support other singing voice synthesizers.
Alter/Ego’s strength is its interface. It can be plugged into any existing DAW, and naturally fits user’s’ usual workflow. We would be glad if our partnership with Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc, brought other companies to collaborate with our consortium.
For us, it would be the possibility to offer even more creative possibilities with ALYS.
said Joffrey Collignon.

Composers interested by the possibility of beta testing ALYS for Alter/Ego can now contact the company at the mail adress The application has to include a 1 to 2 minutes extract and lyrics.

ALYS for Alter/Ego’s price will be revealed soon along with the date of a presale campaign for everybody wishing to have an early access to ALYS. “This campaign will be full of surprises!” already declared Joffrey Collignon.

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