ALYS’ voice… now in preorder!


Everything comes to an end, and so does your waiting!

Two years ago, we were in the call for projects for ALYS design, and you already were hundreds writing to us, answering the call, to give a face to our virtual singer… And today you are thousands, waiting to finally be able to use her voice!

“OP delivers OC”, as we say on the Internet. ALYS voice is finally available in pre-sales!

More seriously, when we founded this company, we did not know what this day would look like. Or at best, we thought it would be “like this” or “like that”. We thought it would come earlier, and finally we had to find other ways, use other paths. But always doing that with the same goal: to please the public, and make a real community out of our collaboration.

We are really happy of that!

We are also very happy to meet on our way talented artists who support us, but also companies who brought us their experience (such as Plogue Art et Technologie).

But enough talk! ALYS for Alter/Ego is on presales on the Shop! You can now find your virtual singer… Just right there!

Otherwise, we give you an appointment on this Saturday to chat about that, but also about the incoming news! You will not be disappointed by what is coming… :3




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