Happy 2nd Birthday ALYS ! ALYS for Alter/Ego is available!



Happy 2nd birthday ALYS and happy birthday to the whole Alyst community obviously!,
Now you know it, ALYS for Alter/Ego is now available right there!! Once you purchased the software, we will send you a little mail to ask your username and then you’ll receive everything you’ll need!

This time does really matter to us, since it’s both the end of a long and tricky journey (the one of the release of the first singing synthesizer in French), but also a big step forward in the writing of a new story : the one of the first 100% digital French-speaking singer!

You too can now join this journey by composing and releasing your own songs with ALYS. If creation is a tough exercise which ask a lot of work, ALYS for Alter/Ego offers everything to do it!

Wanna see what ALYS for Alter/Ego can do? There! 
A big thank you obviously to those who trusted us, starting with the public : without you, ALYS wouldn’t be what she is and this is thanks to you she moves forward everyday. But also a big thank you to Plogue Art et Technologie for this beautiful collaboration which has its first step done today. Thank you too to our partners which help in the project development sur as the Center of Arts and Val d’Oise Technopole!

See you starting today in our office in Enghien-les-Bains for the first day of VoxWave “Open Doors”! Numerous surprises are planned… we hope you’ll like it! 😉


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