Lupin released for Alter/Ego!


After the pharaonic release of blue-braided virtual singer ALYS, time has come for LUPIN to join Alter/Ego’s world!

And this is why we are happy to introduce you to our new product… Lupin for Alter/Ego!



The World is Meow !

This new product will enable you to use Lupin’s voice in all your creations! It can be plugged directly into Alter/Ego, to enable you to create without any limits!

You can find an amazing demo here!

We are very proud to give a voice to all artists of tomorrow, but also to their pet. They are under-represented among virtual singers, and this is an injustice which we are happy to fight against!

This add-on will be added directly to ALYS for Alter/Ego, thus offering a meowing voicebank

Release date will come… Very quickly! So stay alert and Keep SHL <o>!


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