VOCALYS Episode 1 : ALYS music contest to start on May 1st 2016 !


Hello everyone !

We definitely had to offer you some animation around this wonderful software that ALYS for Alter/Ego is! We have noticed that you were more and more numerous to use it, but that some of them sometimes felt a bit stressed when it comes to publishing them.

So that you move to the light and meet your public, we release ALYS music contest VOCALYS: Episode 1! Whether you have already released multiple albums or whether you just start music composition, if you want to start creating with ALYS, we are waiting for you!


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Starting on May 1st, you will have until June 19th, 11:59 p.m to send us your original music featuring ALYS as the main singer, and to publish it on various networks such as Youtube, Soundcloud*, etc… by using hashtag #VOCALYS1!

*Please notice that all the platforms such as Youtube and Soundcloud are in no way sponsors of this contest and that we ony use them to host content. You are thus invited to apply the rules of those platforms, as well as the rules of the contest.

You can use the demo version as well as the final version of the software.

VOCALYS is also an occasion to experiment on the software and to discover new creative techniques! We believe in your to use all the features offered by ALYS for Alter/Ego and Alter/Ego!

How to take part

Please send us a mail to contact@voxwave.fr with the subject line “VOCALYS1”

Insert the following :

-Last Name :
-First name :
-Age or Birthdate :
-Mention : « I did read and understand rule of VOCALYS Episode 1 and I 
do accept them. I hereby authorize VoxWave to share my creation on the 
net for the promotion of this VOCALYS Episode 1 event. I certify my 
creation is original.»
-Your contribution in .mp3, .wav, or any link to it (please allow 
download) (Drive, Dropbox…).

-If you're less than 18 years old, we need parental or legal tutor authorization : «I 
hereby authorize my son/daughter [YOUR NAME] to take part to VOCALYS 
Episode 1 call project".
(The legal tutor/parent will have to write it on a firmed paper)


  • 1st prize:  The winner will get his song selected for an incoming ALYS album and will earn an author’s contract with us! He will also be awarded one software licence by VoxWave or Plogue (according to his preferences) ! will also earn a 100 euros voucher on all our ALYS catalogue.
  • 2nd prize : The winner will earn a 50 euros voucher on all our ALYS catalogue!
  • 3rd prize : The winner will earn a 25 euros voucher on all our ALYS catalogue!

Awards will be held during Japan Expo 17e Impact, from July 7th to July 10th! If you cannot move in don’t panic, awards will be forwarded to you by digital means (for licences, it will be required indeed!), or postal means!


This contest will be open to everyone, and may require complementary information for minor people. Official rules will follow soon!

Good Luck! And Keep SHL <o>!


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