Hello, UK! ALYS at Hyper Japan 2016!


Hey everyone!

We are very pleased to announce to you our first live show outside the French-speaking area! It is also the second date out of three of ALYS Summer Tour :3 ! ALYS becomes the European virtual singer n°1!

Let’s say it right now:

Slide_AYLS-678x381 (1)

We will be at Hyper Japan Festival on July 16th and July 17th!

For this show, ALYS will perform with Lightning, who composed Sous cette pluie! We will also introduce a new song specially for this show!

HYPER JAPAN is one of the biggest english festival dedicated to japanese culture with 85 000 visitors ! Famous artists from all over the world are performing there each years… It’s a great honour for us to be part of their programm!

We are very happy to make our debut in UK thus! ALYS is getting bigger and it is thanks to you, who helped ALYS get renowned in all Europe as well 🙂 ! Show will be performed in HYPER Theatre, more info to come soon :)!


We can’t wait to meet you all on this occasion!

We will not be holding a booth right there, but we are discussing to get some distribution right there for those who wants to get their album signed!

All info there: http://hyperjapan.co.uk/latest-news/alys/!

Keep SHL <o> !


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