Flow Machines : ALYS sings for an AI music maker!


Flow Machines are cutting-edge algorithms, made to explore new ways to create.
Flow Machines collaborate with musicians to compose the future.
Flow Machines are AI music-making.


Flow Machines is a research project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and coordinated by François Pachet (Sony CSL Paris – UMPC).

The goal of Flow Machines is to research and develop Artificial Intelligence systems able to generate music autonomously or in collaboration with human artists.

Benoît Carré, singer, composer and French musician produced with the AI-tool Flow Machines the oniric piece “Où est passée l’ombre” (Where did the shadow go) with ALYS. We let you discover this piece :

“ALYS’ voice not only enabled me to have an immediate good quality render in order to “test” my song, but it also provided me the perfect singer for my Flow Machines generated song!” – Benoît Carré.

Thanks to such projects, ALYS’ universe expands considerably. ALYS has thus become one of the first virtual singers powered by artificial intelligence for her song writing… And we are very happy about that! Of course, ALYS remains a singer whose universe is generated by the public, but we are adamant on supporting any new way to create!

We hope you will enjoy to discover this unique song, which discloses a new field of possible creations with ALYS!

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