Made in Asia (3rd-5th March 2017) – Brussels (Belgium)


This year we’ll meet you in Belgium again, more specifically in Brussels for Made in Asia ! And we have a lot of contents this time, one of them being a triple showcase!

The booth

First, we’ll have a booth of course! You’ll be able to find it on Hall 4, next to the access! Here is a little map to know how to come. As you may see, there will be 3 people related to VoxWave on the booth : Joffrey, Lightning and TBK ! You can come anytime say hello if you want! 😉


As we said previously, VoxWave presents 3 showcases during Made in Asia.

  • On Friday at 2:30PM, you’ll be able to see TBK on YouPlay stage for a showcase! She will sing Crest, ALYS, anime and videogames songs!

  • On Sunday at 4PM, you’ll see Lightning (Sous cette pluie and Oxygène composer but especially guitarist/singer) on the patio (MIA stage)!

After each show (and during the day) we invite you to come to our booth in order to discovermore about the works of everyone, and why not, having a signature if you want!  😀

See you soon, we can’t wait!

Keep SHL <o> & Trust AMC //\


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