Hello and welcome on the download page for ALYS for Alter/Ego!

We will give you details below about how to receive the trial of ALYS for Alter/Ego for free.



To do so, you’ll need to register by clicking the button below and fill the form. You’ll get then download links of Alter/Ego and ALYS for Alter/Ego trial.
You’ll receive also all informations and offers about ALYS for Alter/Ego!




You can use ALYS for Alter/Ego in any music software (DAW) importing VST (such as FL Studio).

Launch in a DAW

Step 1 – Select Alter/Ego VST (example on FL Studio)

interface ALYS pour ALter/Ego
Step 2 – Select ALYS in “voice” box

interface ALYS pour ALter/Ego

Step 3 – Write lyrics
Write directly what you want ALYS to sing or copy/paste!

interface ALYS pour ALter/Ego

Step 4 – ALYS sings for you
Put your vocal line/melody inside the music sofware and press play button : the singing is automatic.

interface ALYS pour ALter/Ego
interface ALYS pour ALter/Ego

Attention, Alter/Ego needs spaces between each notes. If you put notes too close to each other, phonetic transitions will be hard.

Stand Alone

You can also launch Alter/Ego without any DAW in stand alone mode. This will be the “live” mode. This version works with any MIDI keyboard or controler!

If you have any question, feel free to contact us at contact@voxwave.fr. We will help you the best we can.

You enjoyed the trial? You can buy ALYS on our E-Shop (don’t forget to provide a username for the activation key)! We wish you great times with Alter/Ego!

The VoxWave team.