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Rules :

Introduction :

The current call for projects is organized by VoxWave, SAS (Société par Actions Simplifiées), currently in creation.

It aims at selecting among entries from participants, the official design of Vocaloid ALYS™, a voicebank developed by VoxWave and compatible with VOCALOID™ software developed by Yamaha Corporation.

Participants are invited to propose original and innovative designs. Thus, they are free to create whatever they want, provided they refer to the voice chosen for Vocaloid ALYS™. VoxWave emphasizes that they are looking for a unique design, immediately recognizable, giving to the character a dynamic attitude.

Participants to the call for projects, or their legal tutor, accept, when entering the thereby call, to respect all the conditions presented in the thereby rules, and commits to respect them entirely.

VoxWave strongly invites participants to take all the necessary time to read thoroughly the rules before to participate.

Article 1 – General conditions for participation

The call for projects is open worldwide, regardless of the participants’ age.

Minor or disabled participants should nevertheless send to VoxWave, along with their contribution, a written authorization by their legal tutor indicating they have taken into account the current rules, and accept them entirely.

That authorization should be manuscript, dated and signed by the legal tutor, numerically scanned, and addressed to VoxWave, in French or English, through the email address contact@voxwave.fr.

You may also return that authorization to the following address:


Société VoxWave, à l’attention de Joffrey Collignon,

14 rue Alexandre Chevrier

77250 Veneux les Sablons



In case of a false document, VoxWave will not be able to be held responsible for anything.

Article 2 –                   Overall development of the call for projects

Participants to the call for projects must send their contribution to contact@voxwave.fr from January 31st, midnight (GMT+1) to February, 28th 2014, 23 : 59 (GMT+1)

No contribution will be accepted, after this date.


Article 3 –                  Participants entries

3.1. To confirm their entry, participants must send to VoxWave the following elements :

–         Their identity file available to the following link, filled in (participants can copy-paste it in their email) ;

–         The authorization by their legal tutor if they are minor or ;

–         A short presentation of their design, reasons for their aesthetic and artistic choices ;

–         A digital version of their design at the .png format (300 dpi) .

3.2. All kind of contributions are accepted, without restrictions regarding the creativity of participants. A mascot or an object associated with ALYS™ can be proposed, but it remains optional.

3.3. No limit is imposed on participants as regards the number of their contributions.

3.4. Any incomplete dossier, or which does not respect the format and informations indicated previously will not be studied.

Article 4 –                  Jury and selection of contributions

4.1. The jury will be formed by the four associates of the VoxWave.

4.2. The jury selects the contribution which seems most appropriate to them to become the official design for Vocaloid ALYS™, particularly as regards the originality of the design, the coherence of the design as regards the Vocaloid voice, the possibilities and potentials to use that design on various formats, the quality of the design, the fact that it can be identified immediately.

No contestation can be taken into account. The jury nevertheless commits to examine each contribution with good will, objectivity, and impartially.

4.3 The jury will select the winner at late March 1th, 2014 , 23:59 (GMT+1), by announcing it on VoxWave website in the following days.

The winner of the call for projects will be personally advised by VoxWave


Article 5 –                  Commitment of participants

5.1. Participants, by proposing their contribution, commit to answer the questions asked by the jury, and to proceed to any modification which might be suggested or thought necessary by the jury.

5.2. Participants commit not to reveal their contribution to the public before the official announcement made by VoxWave, otherwise they would be immediately disqualified without any possibility for contestation.

5.3. The winner commits not to reveal their creation nor to reveal they are the winner before the official announcement made by VoxWave, otherwise they would be immediately disqualified without any possibility for contestation.

5.4. Participants guaranty that their contribution is original, that they are their original authors, or at least they own the authors’ rights related with their contribution.

Article 6 –                  Prize for the prizewinner

The prizewinner of the call for projects will receive 500,00 (FIVE HUNDRED) euros as a prize.

Moreover, a physical copy including ALYS™ voicebank will be offered to them when the project is released. However, if the voicebank was to be cancelled, the winner of the call for projects cannot hold VoxWave as responsible.


Article 7 –                  Prizewinner’s obligations

7.1 The prizewinner commits to cease to VoxWave the authors’ rights they own on the design, exclusively, for the length of authors’ rights and for the whole world. A detailed contract of cession of authors’ rights will be given to him by VoxWave during the length of time of a week after the design has been chosen by VoxWave.

7.2. The prizewinner commits to return in the shortest length of time as possible the contract of cession of authors’ rights on the design, firmed by them, or their legal tutor if the prizewinner is a minor.

7.3. The prizewinner commits to provide to VoxWave, apart from the design, a concept art (front and back representation of the design) as soon as possible.

7.4. The prizewinner commits not to reveal his design in any form or mean after the announcement of the results of the call for projects.


7.5. The prizewinner guaranties VoxWave against any action that might be intended on the occasion of the release and of the exploitation of the design the prizewinner will have submitted in the current call for projects.

Article 8 –                  Informatics and freedoms

Seen the law « Informatiques et Libertés » dated January 6th, 1978, the participants can exercize a right to access, to rectify and suppress the data about them by writing to VoxWave (contact@voxwave.fr)

Those informations will be used exclusively during the current call for projects, and will be removed once it is closed, excepted those regarding the prizewinner that will be kept until the finalization of the cession of authors’ rights.

Article 9 –                  Modification of the current rules

9.1. VoxWave may modify the rules of the current call for projects without being held responsible for any prejudice as regards the participants. Participants will be notified those modifications through the website.


9.2. VoxWave may cancel, suspend, report or interrupt the present call for project without being held responsible for any prejudice as regards the participants. Participants will be notified those measures through the website.

Article 10 –                  Language of the rules, Applicable law and competent juridiction

Those rules are written in French. A translation is proposed in English so as to make that project more visible, but that translation does not have any juridical value.

The current rules are submitted to French law.

Any conflict as regards their execution and the call for projects they rule falls under the competence of competent Parisian jurisdictions.

Article 11 –                Access of the rules

The rules for the call for projects can be accessed directly through VoxWave’s website.

It may be adressed freely by email to any person who asks it to VoxWave via the following address: contact@voxwave.fr.