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Other languages (short version): here


Would you like to be closely associated with ALYS™ project? You have the occasion to let your print on it right now, by entering our call for projects! In order to obtain a design fitting ALYS’ voice, you may listen to the acappella sample from her voice provider (Poucet)!


  • The call for projects will be held from January 31th, 2014, midnight (GMT+1) to February 28th, 2014, midnight (GMT+1).
  • In order to participate, you just have to send the following elements to the following email address:  with subject “Design ALYS”:
CompulsorySurname :First name :Age* :Name chosen for credits :Email :Full Address :A .PNG file (300 dpi of your illustration for ALYS. Sizes are free, but please make it big enough to be exploited on various media (A3 size for example).* : For minor people, an authorization of your legal tutor is compulsory (cf. complete rules)Optional A link to an online gallery (DeviantArt, Pixiv) :Reasons for your aesthetic and artistic choices : 

I have read the rules of the call for projects and I agree to abide them. 

We do not want to give more direct indications about what the content of the design should be. We simply intend to precise that we want something unique and original, which represents a character with a dynamic personality.

Please be aware of the fact that we are not looking necessarily for a design related with Alice in Wonderland.

You may also propose a mascot, an object, or a  logo for ALYS.

Your design MUST NOT be published until the winning design is announced, in which case, we would have no choice but to disqualify your entry. The winner of the call for projects will have until March 5th, 2014, 23:59 (GMT+1), to modify their entry according to our demands.


The winner of the call for projects will be given 500 euros, and a physical edition of ALYS™, once set on sales.

Conditions for participation

–  The winner of the call for projects accepts to give us his design for March 5th, 2014, 23:59 (GMT+1), once all modifications have been made.

–  The winner of the call for projects accepts to cease, in exchange for 500 euros, to cease to VoxWave their rights of reproduction and utilization, but also all their rights regarding the exploitation of the illustration of ALYS™. A contract will be sent to the winner so that he firms it and send it back to VoxWave.

–  The winner also accepts not to reveal ALYS’ design until the official announcement made by VoxWave as regards that design. This is a simplified version of the rules for the call for projects. You may find the detailed rules on which law applies on this link. You may also find a translation here.

FOR MINORS (under 18)

Minor participants have to provide an authorization of their legal tutor. You may find the details on the article 1 of the official rules, translated here.

Here is an example of authorization. The signature should be manuscript.

“I hereby authorize my child (participant name) to participate in the call for projects for ALYS design. I have read the Official Rules provided by VoxWave and I accept the terms.

Done at (Town, Country)

on (date)

Signature of legal representative: (signature + name of your legal tutor/parent)”