Art.1 – Organizers

The  « ALYS is 1 year old! » contest  is organised by VoxWave, 14 rue Alexandre Chevrier, 77250 Veneux les Sablons – (hereafter  referred to as« VoxWave »), Manga Ink, 6 rue Antoine Berbie Blaize 31150 Gagnac sur Garonne (hereafter  referred to as« Manga Ink ») et CLAIREFONTAINE RHODIA – 138, quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris ( hereafter  referred to as «CLAIREFONTAINE »),

Hereafter  named  « The Organizers ». The contest is open to any creators from the entire world , except for the involved companies staff and their family  members (ascendants, descendants,  direct collateral), as well as the people who helped directly  or not with the making  of the contest  and their family members (ascendants, descendants et collateral direct).

This contest will be open from April, 1st 2015 (00h01) to May 15th 2015 (23h59).

Art.2 – Theme

2.1 The « ALYS is 1 year old!» contest  calls for the imagination of the participants to create  a drawing for a stylized notepad, in  A5 format, the theme being ALYS.

ALYS is a brand  belonging to Joffrey Collignon  on behalf of VoxWave , and protected by the law.  ALYS original design  was made by the artist  known  as  Saphirya,  from whom VoxWave  holds the copyrights as regards reproduction and exploitation .

As a part of the contest , VoxWave  allows every  participants to reproduce ALYS brand, as well as Saphirya’s  original design.  However, using this design isn’t compulsory.

A great freedom of drawing process and  format  is left to the  participants: realistic, funny, poetic , abstract  etc. Any  techniques will be accepted : painting, PAO, drawings, photo,…

The conditions are :

– A4 (21 x 29,7 cm).

– Compulsory Airmail  : VoxWave / ALYS a un an ! / 14 rue J.A Chevrier / 77250 Veneux les Sablons / France

– A compulsory e-mail at the following address:

Once your entry confirmed, your creation will be visible on the following  blog :

2.2 A moderator  named for the present contest is granted the right  to remove  an entry uploaded on the blog aimed if it undermines the dignity and respect of  others, or generally  to another’s rights. The moderator will also control the content  of the creations and the comments made on the blog.

Art 3 – Limits and obligations

  1.               The participants  will only be able to submit once.
  2.   The pictures  of the creation will be posted on
  3.   3. Each creation/ picture  must have  an autor clearly  identified. The creations/pictures proposed only with a nickname  or anonymous will not be accepted.

Each participant accepts the present  rules, certifying  that  it is in accordance  to their country laws. Every minor participant  (depending on their country laws must obtain the  prior authorization of both parents or ward of court to join the contest and accept the present  rules. The organizers keeps the right  to ask a justification  for the authorization and disqualify any participant without  justification behind this authorization.

Art 4 – Confirmation  of the participation

The information passed on by the participants must be valid, sincere, precise et comprehensive. Any transmission from a participant with  fake, misstated, incomplete or inacurrate informations  will lead to the exclusion of that  person from the contest  and, if necessary , will make him  lose his winner  qualities .

It is forbidden  to, by any  process, modify or try to modify  the  contest’s devices  proposed, especially in order to modify the results or to influence by an automated  or  unfear  mean  the validity  of the winner’s designation.

It is strictly forbidden for a participant to submit  using several e-mail adress and/or mailing adress.

The participants must submit using their real identity.

Any  inacurate  or lying  declaration, any  fraud  that could beharmfull to  the proper developpement  of the contest  and/or to the terms of the prize distribution, or in any way, anyfailure to respect  the conditions of participations  expressed to the present  rules, will lead to the exclusion of the participant , without prejudice of any  legal proceedings  based on the laws and current regulations.

Art. 5 – Exhibition  on  website

The creations will be exhibited starting from April 1st 2015 (00h01) on a dedicated blog that can be

consulted here:

‘Url :

The net surfers don’t have  access to the back office, but will send their creations to Voxwave  by sending  an  e-mail at (identification – first name,  name, mail a minima – authorization to publicly  broadcast and reproduce the creations for commercial terms).

Art. 6 –Deadline for submitting

The creations must be sent to VoxWave  before May 15th 2015 at 23h59 (GMT+1). No creation will be accepted after that day.

Art. 7 – Publication of the results, awards

The winners list will be known duringJapan Expo exhibition which will be held on July  2nd , 3rd , 4th  and 5th, 2015 at  Villepinte’s Parc des Expositions, and pulished on VoxWave and Manga Ink websites. The date and conditions of the prize awards  during the exhibition will be published later  on.

Art. 8 – Prize

1 /The Grand prize: the work will be printed on a limited series of drawing pads.

The winner’s name  will appear at the back with  « 1er prix du concours ALYS a un an ! » will be mentioned.  1000 pads  minimum  will be sold in France  and abroad , in particular  via  VoxWave  and Manga Ink shops. Clairefontaine  supplies the winner with paper,  cardboards  and portfolioes for the next year (in  the limited amount  of  500€ TTC PVP (sales price to public)), Manga Ink supplies the winner with a Manga Ink  kit Deluxe, packaging :

– a Paper pad Deleter Type A 135g A4

– a pen holder  Deleter (simple)

-a pen holder Tachikawa (grip)

– a pen holder  Tachikawa (grip +cap)

– 3 nibs G-pen

– 3 nibs Saji-pen

– 2 nibs Maru-pen

– a colored mechanical  pencil

– a rubber  Mono japanese

– a precise door-eraser  Mono Zero

– a flask of black china ink  Pilot (waterproof)

– a flask of white ink (waterproof)

– an ellipse marker

– a cercle marker

– a set of 3 drawing guns

– a set of 3 paint brushes Menso

– a feather  duster

the  entire  set costing  120€ TTC PVP (public  sale price).

VoxWave  supplies the winner  with  a  « Clair de lune » ALYS digigraphy,  the ALYS Naissance, Douceur  and Iron ALYS T-shirts in the size of your choice, 1 totebag and 3 straps of your choice (depending on available stock) the entire set costing  190€TTC PVP (public sale price).

The whole costing  790€TTC PVP (sales price to the public)

2/ Two special mentions: Clairefontaine  supplies the winner with paper,  cardboard  and portfolios for the next year(in  the limited amount  of  de 500€ TTC PVP (sales price to public), Manga Ink supplies the winner with a Basics Manga Ink  kit ,  made of :

– a paper pad Deleter Type A 135g A4

– a set of patterns for beginners A

– a colored mechanical pencil

– a japanese ruler

– a cutter + 25  extra blades

– a Manga feather set

– a flask of black china ink

– a flask of white ink

– a pen Neopiko Line 3 (03)

– an ellipse marker

The set costing  59,90€ TTC PVP (public  sale price)

VoxWave  supplies the winner with two ALYS T-shirts , Douceur and Iron ALYS, at the size of your choice, the set costing 60€TTC PVP (public sale price).

The prize has a whole cos of  619,90€.

Art. 9 – Photographic and image rights  / assignment  of the  associated  rights

  1.    The participants  guarantee  on their honor that they are holders of the creations copyrights  proposed to the jury , that they are not guilty  of plagiarism , that their creations  are  new and  uninspired, directly or not, by an already existing  creation  wich isn’t theirs . Moreover,  they guarantee  that they  allow  the free  representation  and use if they  win the Grand Prize  (cf article 8 on the dotations, paragraph 1).

The present cession is granted  to affect all the  support, in the entire world, for any kind of actual and future exploitation, and for the period of the  literary  and artistic property  on the work , according to the French and foreign  legislations  and the actual and future  international  conventions , as well as the extension that may be added to that  period.

The present cession includes the company’s right  to use the pictures in advertising  messages, in the media and for any  promotional demonstration  and without  having  this use  open other rights than  the won prize. The organising  company also gives  the right to edit the creation,  so that they match  the different supports, which the winners agreed to .

  1. If the participant presents a creation with the main theme being  one or many  known characters , he must have obtained their  written agreement  before, and if the person is minor, the parents permission.
  2. If the participant propose a picture representing a place, a set, a monument  wich the use needs an authorization, he must have obtained a written agreement  before  with  the competent  people/authorities .
  3. Each participant  is responsible of the creation submitted to the contest  and guarantees  the organizers against any actions  or resort that could be instituted by anyone for the violations their  intellectual property, image  or privacy  rights.
  4. Each participant  is committed to send a creation that has not been published  before, or has an edition contract/commercial use to be and must  not be directly or not inspired by an already existing  creation  that is not theirs .

Art. 10 –Jury members

1) The jury  will be composed of Mme Marie-Pierre LE FRIEC for CLAIREFONTAINE, of Mme Manon BORDES for Manga Ink, Mme Axelle ADNET for VoxWave.

2) The  jury  will be the ruler  and until the final  official publication may  edit the results of the deliberation especially  if the creations are soiled by infringement  or plagiarism, as well as if the creations/pictures are not free of law , or too similar to another  creation/picture  already  published or diffused by the organizer himself or anywhere  else(competition) .

Art. 11 – Winning informations  and awarding of the prizes

CLAIREFONTAINE operates  the prizes’s management  that  they  supply  and  remain  responsible of their  attribution. Manga Ink operates  the prizes’s management  that  they  supply and  remain  responsible of their  attribution. VoxWave operates  the prizes management  that  they  supply and  remain  responsible of their  attribution.

As a consequence,  VoxWave  isn’t responsible for any incidents/accidents of any  cause , or their  consequences, that  may  happen  during  the providing  or use of the prizes by the winners or by anyone  else.

CLAIREFONTAINE, VoxWave  or Manga Ink aren’t responsible if a prize doesn’t reach one of the winners   for any  reason,  such  as, without the list being non-exhaustive : loss of the mail, unexploitable data, etc.

It was expressively  agreed  that the winners cannot  claim their prize if they  did not respond to  CLAIREFONTAINE, Manga Ink, VoxWave  and/or if they do not comply  to the  methods of prize providing . In that case, CLAIREFONTAINE, Manga Ink and VoxWave  may freely dispose of the prizes  wich will  be permanently  lost for the winners

No mail or e-mail will be sent, even in response, to the participants who  will not have won the contest.

The prize is name  specific and may  not be given  to someone else than the winner .

Art. 12 – Winner’s advertising and promotion

by reason only of the  acceptance of their prizes, the winners  allows the organizers  to use their first and last as well as their creations without any limits in time or space, and without  opening other rights than  the earned prizes.

Art. 13 – Connection

The Organizers  remind the  participants the caracteristics and the limit  of the internet network , especially when it comes to the technical performances, time to consult , ask or transfer the   informations,  the risks of contamination by eventual  wandering  viruses on the net, and  decline any responsibility  linked  to the consequences of the participants connexion to this network  through the website

Particularly,  the organizers aren’t responsible for any  material  and immaterial damage  caused to the participants, to their  computing  equipement  and  to the data collected in it as well  as the consequences that may  affect their personal, professional or commercial activities .

It is then up to each participant  to  take  all the appropriate  measures  to protect from any  infringement, their data and/or softwares stored on their computing  and telephone equipement . The connection of any  participant and the  participation to the contest are their entire responsibility .

The organizers cannot be held responsible if one or many  participants  could not log in to, due to technical default or any problems such as the network’s congestion .


Art. 14 – Computer technologies and Freedoms

In accordance to articles 39 and 40, the  6 january  1978’s  computer and freedom  law,  the participants  have the right  to access, to correct and to supress  the data concerning them  by mailing to VoxWave – Concours ALYS a un an ! – 14 rue J.A Chevrier, 77250 Veneux les Sablons.

The  participants who agreed to receive  commercial informations  from VoxWave  and a subsidiaries of it, or from a commercial partner , by  ticking  the mark  made  in this purpose, are informed  that  they  may use their  right  of objection to their data’s processing  in accordance to the l’article 38 de la loi du 6 janvier 1978 en cliquant sur le lien qui leur sera fourni dans lesdits courriers électroniques ou par courrier à l’adresse ci-dessus.

Art. 15 – Claims

Joining the contest requires the full agreement  of the parties and the acceptance  of the present rules, without the possibility to claim  as for the results. The organizers keep the right  to interrump, modify,  shorten,  to stretch  out or to cancel the contest .Their responsibility can not be engaged by this fact .

Art. 16 – Rules  filling

The present  results can be consulted  and  printed at any moment  on the contest homepage  using  the following  link : An English version can be provided, but has no legal value by itself.

Art. 17 – Intellectual  Property

According  to the laws  governing  the  literary  and artistic property  rights, the reproduction  and representation  of the  whole or any  parts composing  this contest are  strictly  forbidden.  The brands  quoted are brands brought  by  their  owners and, as  such , protected.

Besides, the Organizers stay  exclusively appointed to the set of copyrights  with this contest.

Art. 18 – Choices of jurisdiction

The partis admit without  reserve  that  by joining  the contest they submit  to the French  laws, especially for any dispute  born from the contest or that would  directly  or not be linked  to it, without prejudice of the eventual conflict of the laws which might  exist .

The participants will be submit ed to theFrench rules appliable to the games and contests.

Any  dispute  wich  may not be settled in a friendly manner  will be a matter  for Paris competent  courts and so, even in case of defendant plurality , or call request or guaranteed call.


Veneux, March 7th 2015.