• Listen to Emancipation for free during a month!

    An Emancipation song every day on VoxWave channel, do you like how that sounds? Enough to spend summer in music!   Free music on Youtube channel with ALYS? For this it’s simple, you just have to follow the playlist. And we will add a song every day until you can listen to all of them!

  • ALYS Fan Gathering, October, 28th

      The ALYS Fan Gahering is the first festival dedicated to ALYS’ universe, announced last Friday. Discover here Acetea’s event poster ! (Isn’t it beautiful?) This festival will take place at MLC Briqueterie, Montmorency, October, 28th There are all the news :   For our English speakers, find here the summary 🙂 : As announced, the festival

  • News about LEORA !

    Hey alysts!   It’s been a while since we provided you news about LEORA!   Well watch this Friday video, we have a lot of news for you!   (Subtitles in English available) Within this video:   -News about languages sung by LEORA (no Japanese for now!) -Four voicebanks (what??? -And revelations about her release!

  • Sous cette pluie available in digital version!

    Hey everyone!   Today we have a big announcement to bring to you! We have decided to move VoxWave further! A lot of you want more ALYS content! OK, we will do that! We have also decided to start a big digital adventure! More ALYS content, available everywhere! To celebrate that, we offer you the

  • “ALYS is 3 years old” contest with Clairefontaine

    Hello everyone! The art contest is back! We know how you really like to bring your own touch to the project and you were a lot to enter the first contest. Eternal-S won the first contest with her lovely illustration. She has a short message for you! 🙂 “It was a fun contest! Enjoy drawing

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