Are you French ?

Yes, most of VoxWave core team member are French. Nevertheless, we promote international collaboration with artists and are not limited to French people as possible collaborators. Oui, l’ensemble des membres principaux de l’équipe sont Français. Cependant, nous collaborons au niveau international avec des partenaires étrangers, notamment VocaTone  et Just a Pretty quant à la réalisation concrète du projet.


How can I help the project ?

You may support us in various ways:

By subscribing to our newsletter, following us on Facebook et Twitter, and spreading the word about ALYS around you. Words of mouth is a decisive key to success for us.

– By tipping our project on French crowdfunding platform Tipeee. You may be able to benefit from exclusive rewards, such as ALYS Xtra Lite (official ALYS Soundfont), or booklets about the incoming song. You will also be able to follow closely the making of new songs.

– You may also buy our products on VoxWave e-shop !