Hey everyone!

Today we have a big announcement to bring to you! We have decided to move VoxWave further!

A lot of you want more ALYS content! OK, we will do that!

We have also decided to start a big digital adventure! More ALYS content, available everywhere!

To celebrate that, we offer you the karaoke version of Sous cette pluie:

If you wish to find the single, it is now available among all big digital platforms: ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer… You can find it on your favourite platform, along with its instrumental version!

We hope you like it, and we will offer you many other things now!

So let’s meet :

-Tomorrow and on Sunday for Japan Party, with a broadcast of Rêve de Machine followed by a conference! And you will be able to meet Joffrey on our booth :)!

-Next week on Youtube for more news! This time we will talk about LEORA ;)!

Keep SHL <o> !